Intuition 11+ Mock Exams

At Intuition we offer 11+ Mock exams 4 times a year. For most children 11 Plus mock exams are a crucial part of the final build up of the 11 plus preparation. It provides:

  1. The experience of sitting tests with a peer group
  2. Exposes them to real exam conditions helps to settle nerves
  3. Builds confidence and experience
  4. Detailed analysis and feedback
  5. Great indicator of where your child is

The Intuition Centres will be holding practice 11 plus mock exams for grammar and senior independent (private) schools four times a year at the Stockport, Manchester and Birmingham Centres.

Why take Mocks with Intuition 11+

Tailor-made to specific examining boards – our exams are not generic. Full length papers, mirroring actual exams your child will sit for their specific school, prepared by our 11+ expert authors, exclusive for Intuition 11+ so that the questions have not been seen before. Prompt results and detailed analysis and feedback. All results will be confidential and so will your child’s identity. The mock tests are held in one of our three centres – Stockport, Manchester and Birmingham. All staff are DBS checked.

Requirements and further information

Requirements and further info: 11+ Mocks