A dedicated team of qualified and 11+ experienced teachers.

Our priority is to ensure that our 11+ course is tailored to suit your child’s requirements. We provide regular feedback and are available to contact if you have any queries.

The year 3 programme encourages the development of basic skills and begins to establish problem solving skills of what is required at this stage. It further develops their understanding by exposing the student to exam style questions during the classes to prepare them for the 11+ class.

  • Four hours of face to face tuition every week
  • 1:5 teaching ratio at Intuition tuition centres
  • 100% success rate in 2016


Literacy and Numeracy lessons will be delivered to the national curriculum but enhanced. We will slowly start to introduce verbal and non verbal reasoning in line with the new CEM style 11+ exams.

Lesson Structure

Generally the structure of 11+ classes will loosely follow below:

  • Timed SPAG / Multiplication quiz > Test session based on homework (after first session) > Acquiring and applying Skills > Practice questions > Homework
  • Feedback will be given throughout the class which will be seen on peer assessed pieces of work, in books and through discussion in class. Parents will have opportunities throughout the course to discuss their childs development. These appointments must be booked in advance.
  • Parent consultations, assessments, resources, mock exam papers are included within the course fees.

What is the 11+ exam?

The 11+ is a test taken by some Year 6 pupils in primary schools in England. It’s a way of selecting who’s academically suited to attend a grammar school or selective school / independent school for Year 7 onwards, and is sometimes also known as the ‘Entrance exam’ or ‘Transfer Test’.

As Wales and Scotland no longer have grammar schools, the 11+ is only taken in certain parts of England.

Would my child get into Grammar school?

Take our online test to see what type of questions arise – please support your child with this quiz if they have not been prepared for the 11+ curriculum.


Choosing a Grammar / Independent School

Our 11+ programme covers all schools in Manchester. At this stage strengthening the core fundamentals is the main priority. For different schools? We prepare students for resources provided covering CGP BLAH BLAH

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