A Level Tuition

Intuition offers private tuition for AS and A Level students in mathematics and all sciences.

Studying for AS and A Levels and preparing for exams is often stressful for students, and many feel additional pressure now it is no longer possible to sit AS or A2 exams in January.

Intuition provides tuition to help relieve the stress and pressure of studying for AS and A Levels. Our tutors aim to provide enjoyable and engaging lessons that enables pupils to tackle AS and A Level coursework, homework and exams with confidence.

Our pupils are in charge of their lessons. Priorities and the pace of lessons are established in partnership with the student.

As requested, tutors will also liaise with teachers at school or college to plan private tuition that focuses on any gaps in understanding or subject areas that would benefit from additional time and support.

Tuition is known to be a highly effective tool in raising attainment and improving learning outcomes. Intuition’s AS and A level tutors tailor their approach to each student’s individual needs, working at a pace with which the student is comfortable. This ensures lessons remains productive and stress free, the student is able to build up their confidence and any difficulties or issues the student would like to target can be properly addressed.

Intuition tutor’s are available for:

  • AS and A Level coursework assistance
  • Short-term or ongoing AS and A Level homework help
  • Development of AS and A Level study skills
  • AS and A2 exam revision and preparation

AS and A2 exam preparation may include:

  • exam coaching
  • improving study skills and exam skills
  • sitting mock and past AS and A2 exam papers

Changing A Level Syllabus

Our AS and A Level tutors keep up to date with the changing curriculum and are familiar with the UK’s main AS and A Level exam board syllabus, including:

  • OCR
  • Edexcel
  • AQA