Welcome to the Intuition Exam Centres

We accept private or external candidates at our exam centre. Whether you are home educated, taking resits, a distant learner or a mature learner our exams officer will be able to enter you for exams.

We are accredited by AQA, Cambridge International, Edexcel Pearson, OCR and offer Entry exams, Functional Skills exams, GCSE & IGCSE exams and A-Level (GCE) exams.

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You can apply online to enter any single or multiple exams. We will contact you about the exam or exams you have chosen to enter and discuss any issues missing or incorrect on the application form.

It is important you don’t miss the dates below. If you do, you will be charged an extra fee.

Application Deadline Dates

Exam SeriesEntries Deadline DateLate entry fee Very Late entry fee
November*1st October2nd October20th October
January15th October16th October10th December
March5th October15th January15th February
June15th February16th February15th April
* (only available for candidates ages 16 or over on 31st August)